Monday, June 6, 2011

Nail Bytes....

Been wanting to post something that has to do with my gazillion nail polishes. I have been hoarding a whole bunch of nail polishes of different colors and brands in the last 2 months. I have been so busy that I haven't posted any of my nail haulage...

Sooooo....I wanted to do quick snippet of the nail polish I have on hand (that is, what's closest to me on my desk). I hope to have more energy and time and post all the nail polish I bought and maybe summer nail color picks.

In the meantime. went to Ulta over the weekend to grab some shampoo...that was the goal anyway...

Yet, I walked out with 3 polishes...

Far left: Sally Hansen in Delphinium ( a light greyish lavender)
Zoya in Pax ( a very bright coral orange- purrfect for summer toes or nails or both)
Zoya in America ( a bright pinky red that can be worn on hands or toes- my kind of color)

The rest I didn't buy at Ulta...I'll mention them here anyway...

Starting on the left:

Ulta in Always a Bridesmaid, Hally Hansen HD in -01 Cyber and Essie in Bachelorette Bash (purrty). I had a wedding theme going on here for a bit because of my bff who just got married:)

Will do a review and NOTD post on all these and more soon!
a color wheel swatches of some of my polishes

The Sally Hansen polish in 01 Cyber was 75% off at CVS so it was only $1.65-- what a steal!

xo, Lynn

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  1. Loving the Zoya Pax - It's a perfect vintage color!



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