Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thank You Bare Escentuals and Happy 35th Birthday!

This year Bare Escentuals is celebrating it's 35th Birthday. To commemorate it's big day, all Bare Escentuals Boutiques were giving a special treat to their customers.
P.S. This post is REALLY late...The boutiques are no longer giving away the free gift to the first 35 customers - it was only valid June 11 - June 12...Sorry..

I purchased the Limited Edition foundation in shade Medium Tan and a Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Fearless
Limited Edition packaging celebrating Bare Escentuals 35th Birthday! Only a few of their popular shades had the limited packaging. The packaging is very elegant and would fit nicely on the vanity. I picked a couple up actually. I'm in shade Medium Tan.
Etched around the base of the foundation are Leslie's signature
and 35 years...

Inside the foundation are different random messages....I got this one...
This eyeshadow was out of order. This is included in the Gift Bag given to customers....see rest of what's inside the gift below...
Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Fearless (not a gift but a purchase)
i really love the applicator of the lipgloss ...it's flexible and when turned sideways you can use the tip to line your lips and then fill in the rest. The application and pigmentation is great. It's not sticky. However, when taking it out of the packaging, sometimes you end up getting a lot on the applicator. But you can always take some out and just apply a bit. I will purchasing more of these.

The Free Gifts: Just for showing up and being one of the 35 customers that day I got an amazing free gift from Bare Minerals. You get 3 Full size items: Thank You e/s, 2 Buxom gloss one in Full Color Roxanne and in Regular Buxom in Isabella! Plus you get a mini of their new lipcolor called Pretty Amazing in Confidence and mini Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara. Seriously, this is an AWESOME gift! So, Thank You BE for being such an amazing product to all women....Many more birthdays to come!
Love the packaging on the Buxom....Which Buxom girls are you? Visit Bare Escentuals and let me know!

The Buxom glosses in Isabella (left) & Roxanne (right)
The Buxom Full Color glosses are more pigmented in color and have a different applicator. Buxom Roxanne has a brush applicator.
Meanwhile, Buxom Isabella has a sponge or doefoot applicator
And to top it off, each guest who was able to get a gift bag also received this...A discount card worth $20 off of your next purchase of $75 or more! Sweet!!!
That's all for now....I absolutely love everything I got.....More BE postings to come!

xoxo, Lynn

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sasa Haul: My Beauty Diary Mask , DiorSnow, DHC, BB Cream + Mini Review

Been wanting to try the My Beauty Diary masks since I've seen YouTube video raves about it. And after watching various videos, I came across Sasa hauls. After much thought, I caved and placed my first order. I spent an enormous amount for this haul but it was well worth it. I received my order about a week and a half. I was so excited that I went home to pick up my package and brought it back to work to open. I just wanted to share what I got below.
I bought 3 boxes of My Beauty Diary masks. There are 10 sheets of masks per box- safe to say I'm good for a while! LOL The boxes were bubble wrapped.
The masks from top to bottom: Strawberry Yogurt Mask, Pearl Powder Mask, Apple Polyphenol

Quick thought: I love these mask. I have used them since I got them. All 3 are very soothing. I actually end up falling asleep when I have them on. Strawberry Yogurt mask smells yummy! Definitely a re-purchase for these 3! I really love the packaging on these...
I also ordered a BB cream. I bought Skinlite Pearl BB Cream (will do full review once I've given it a full week of use), a DHC eye mask, a mini DiorSnor serum (this smells soooo good) and Natio Lip Balm. I've tried the Natio brand before. Will pick up more from the line when I go to Sydney.
I received 2 eye mask samples...I'll keep you posted on what I think.

That's all for now. A review of my purchases will be posted soon!

xoxo, Lynn

Off to Bare Escentuals Boutique

After the Nordstrom Trend Show, I rushed over to the Bare Escentuals boutique inside Bloomingdale's to get in line as they were having a giveaway. This year, Bare Escentuals is celebrating their 35th Birthday and in honor of that, the first 35 people to line up outside the boutiques Saturday, June 11th through Sunday, June 12th will received a goody bag, no purchase required. Isn't that an awesome deal? And they are great goodies too - which I will show on my next post.

That particular day was a busy day running from the Trendshow all the way to Bloomies:)

Anyway, I just wanted to show what the inside of the boutiques look like because I think it's really pretty being surrounded by all this BE goodness!

Upon walking in the front door, you are given a number and that number is what you give to the sales associate to claim your free gift.

A table filled with Bare Escentuals new kit, Love & Happiness (retails for $35)
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this but I actually waited a week before I purchased it! I know weird!
Here is what the kit consist of...Can't wait to try that new blush and lip balm!
Has anyone tried the new Pretty Amazing lipsticks? From the picture it looks like I have everything except 2 or 3 as they too pale for me- I like color on my lips:)

ooohhhh...and in honor of the 35th Anniversay, Bare Escentuals created a Limited Edition packaging of some of their favorite foundation shades. Below is a glimpse of the silver cap- very fancy looking and will be a nice addition to the vanity...I'm in shade medium tan!
Alright, I'm off to bed! More posts coming tomorrow!
nite nite

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trendshow Goodies: Dior products + Quick Review

I wanted to share what I had bought at the Nordstrom Trend Show. I didn't buy much after I had my makeover. I was in a rush to get back home. I did buy a couple of things that i wanted to try.

First is this Dior Instant Cleansing Water. It feels refreshing on your skin. This is used to remove makeup, dirt and grime. I have only used this once and I think it's ok. When this was applied on my face during the Trend show I didn't have much makeup on my face. When I did use it, it did remove my face and eye makeup although it didn't completely remove my mascara:(
Verdict: It's ok. I'd like to give it another chance before completely ditching it- especially since I paid a lot for it!

My next purchase is the Dior Addict Lipstick in #750 Rock 'n Roll
It's a vibrant pink shade with shimmer. The lipstick applies pretty sheer yet buildable at the same time. It gives that nice glossy shimmer sheen look to your lips. I love Dior lipstick packaging- it seems sophisticated.
The packaging looks clunky and heavy but it's actually very light. Really love Dior lipsticks!
The tote below was given by Nordstrom to those that attended the event. Basic things were inside like the program of the morning featuring the products shown by each brand, a large water bottle, a pencil to take notes and samples. I really like the look of this tote- very summery!
Here are the samples that were given out. A Clarins rep was there to hand out a tiny sample of the exfoliating cleanser. Inside the tote bag were the Supergoop save face sunscreen and a fragrance sample. The Nordstrom goody bag was okay it wasn't all that!
So, this is all I got from the event. Hope you enjoy!

xo, Lynn

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nordstrom Trend Show

Two weekends ago, I attended the Nordstrom Trend Show event. I was emailed an invite by the new Dior Cosmetics counter manager. The Trendshow was on 06/11. You pay a $15 fee that will go towards your purchase (in my case Dior products- which I will post after this)
The show started at 8:30 and went for about an hour.
Basically, it is a "fashion" show but for makeup. A variety of makeup brands that are sold in Nordstrom were there. You can set up an appointment to get a makeover from your choice of makeup counters. There were so many people that it was kind of hard to take pics. Plus, I got there late at the start and had to be ushered quickly to the 4th floor of Nordstrom where the show was held. Anyway, I had a lot of fun. We were allowed to take pics and tweet about the event. There were also product giveaways if they pick a card with your name on it. There were also fellow beauty bloggers there. It's an event that I will attend again in the future.
Pictures of the event are below.
Overall, it was a fun experience.

A really buff guy showing off his tan:)

MAC featuring their product ( I think it was a tanning cream)


Makeup artist from Guerlain holding up a "spanx for your face" product as she calls it

Makeup artist from Dior

With Anastasia of Beverly Hills herself making a personal appearance (right)
Anastasia's makeover section was lined with so many people!

A quick view from the audience at the show

The view from the down escalator to the main event
This is a MAC class being set up for 11AM

At Guerlain station

Burberry Counter

My FOTD makeover from Dior
very natural using #030 Incognito Quint
I'm going to end this post with my outfit of the day.
Kept it simple with skinny jeans, a coral tank and wrap sweater from Forever21 and flats

I'll post pictures of what I bought next...not much. Plus whatever was included in our goody bag:)
P.S. If that I didn't have a car emergency and another party to go to, I certainly would have stayed all day.
Plus, I stopped by at the Bare Escentuals Boutique for a free giveaway..more on that later!

xoxo, Lynn

Thursday, June 16, 2011

E.L.F. Sale ends June 20, 2011

12 PIECE BRUSH SET FOR $1.20! 90% SAVINGS! Use code 12FOR120 with your $20 order by June 20, 2011.
elf 12pc brush set

elf is having a sale on their website. See details above. Hurry it ends June 20th!
xoxo, Lynn


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