Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trendshow Goodies: Dior products + Quick Review

I wanted to share what I had bought at the Nordstrom Trend Show. I didn't buy much after I had my makeover. I was in a rush to get back home. I did buy a couple of things that i wanted to try.

First is this Dior Instant Cleansing Water. It feels refreshing on your skin. This is used to remove makeup, dirt and grime. I have only used this once and I think it's ok. When this was applied on my face during the Trend show I didn't have much makeup on my face. When I did use it, it did remove my face and eye makeup although it didn't completely remove my mascara:(
Verdict: It's ok. I'd like to give it another chance before completely ditching it- especially since I paid a lot for it!

My next purchase is the Dior Addict Lipstick in #750 Rock 'n Roll
It's a vibrant pink shade with shimmer. The lipstick applies pretty sheer yet buildable at the same time. It gives that nice glossy shimmer sheen look to your lips. I love Dior lipstick packaging- it seems sophisticated.
The packaging looks clunky and heavy but it's actually very light. Really love Dior lipsticks!
The tote below was given by Nordstrom to those that attended the event. Basic things were inside like the program of the morning featuring the products shown by each brand, a large water bottle, a pencil to take notes and samples. I really like the look of this tote- very summery!
Here are the samples that were given out. A Clarins rep was there to hand out a tiny sample of the exfoliating cleanser. Inside the tote bag were the Supergoop save face sunscreen and a fragrance sample. The Nordstrom goody bag was okay it wasn't all that!
So, this is all I got from the event. Hope you enjoy!

xo, Lynn

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