Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge: Pizzicato and Piu Mosso

About a month ago, I pre-ordered a couple of new Fall nail polishes from Rescue Beauty Lounge. I've always been curious to try the brand because they have some unique sets of colors. The only problem is that when you do spot a particular shade sometimes it sells out so fast. If I remember correctly, there were four new shades and I picked 2 of the 4. One thing that really impressed me was that shipping time frame was right on time. End of August they came.

First , I want to say that these are my first Rescue Beauty Lounge nail poishes. I think that at least one of nail polishes I ordered is quite unique. But another first, let's talk packaging. The packaging was wrapped so delicately (see below) that I almost did not want to tear the paper apart.

Upon unwrapping, the nail polishes comes in this pretty box packaging.
The two that i bought were Pizzicato and Piu Mosso. I take it this seems like it's italian-inspired names.

I would describe Pizzicato as light lavender with a hint of pink and fine shimmers throughout. I had swatched a bit of the color on my thumb and I must say it is pretty. It comes off sheer so if you are anything like me and want a more opaque color, then layering more than 2 coats is necessary. I put about 3 or 4 coats on and that's about good enough for me. Unfortunately, I didn't take any picture. Maybe it will be the next nail of the day post.

Moving on to Piu Mosso. This color honestly, took me by surprise. Initially, I thought that this was not the shade I'm going to like. But upon full inspection and swatch (again...sorry to pics), I like this shade better than Pizzicato. Don't get me wrong..Pizzicato is gorgeous but can be dupeable. Anyway, back to Piu Mosso....it's rather hard to describe this shade. First off, to me this shade is very unique. In the bottle, it's very dark with several shades running throughout depending on the lighting. You could see hints of green with gold shimmers or a dark teal blue with shimmer. It's gorgeous and very unique. I don't believe I have any other polish like this one. Maybe this one will be my next nail of the day post. Hmmm..it also seems to have burgundy shimmer. Interesting. Anyway, I say this is a great buy.
L-R: Pizzicato & Piu Mosso

Check out these shades and many more at Rescue Beauty

Has anyone tried this brand? What are your recommendations and favorites. I've already spotted a few that I like and will place on my next order.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nail Addiction

Seriously, I do. I have a nail polish addiction. I am finally confessing that since I have been "hoarding" a whole lot lately. I think I'll make a video of my latest purchases.
The picture below is just a snapshot of one very messy and overloaded nail polish drawer.
Right now I don't have a permanent home for them. Thinking of buying the 90-nail polish rack.
Oh god, I hope I don't have 90 polishes already.
Anyway, I know I have more nail polishes than what I'm showing below. It's somewhere in the house. LOL

P.S. I have a thing for Butter London nail lacquers right now:)

xoxo, Lynn


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