Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nail of the Day: Chanel 491 Rose Confidentiel

I admit that I have been loving Chanel Nail Lacquers lately. At first I could not get my mind to even try to purchase a nail polish that expensive. Yet, I gave Chanel a try and I've been hooked since (Thank You Paradoxal). I love the quality and the color range. It is expensive. It retails for $23. If it's a limited edition item, sometimes it retails for $27. I will not stop purchasing these nail polishes any time soon. Off to the color below...

I have been looking for that perfect shade of pink. It looks like I have found it! I was cruising the local Chanel counter and spotted this particular shade: Rose Confidentiel. I really love this shade. It's not pale or too dark. It's the right shade in between. It applies opaque so 2 coats will do. I think it's a great shade to wear anywhere, even the office.

I purchased mine at Nordstrom because they had a new shipment that came in. If you can still find it, I highly suggest trying out this color.

How the color looks in the bottle is how it looks on my fingers:)

So, so pretty!

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