Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF50

Just wanted to do a quick review of one of my favorite products from MAC. I've never ventured past their powder products and into their "skincare" line. Honestly, I didn't even know this particular products exist!

When I went to my first MAC class last December, the makeup artists there used this product for demonstration. Since then I've been hooked! What is this used for? The MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 is used to prime the skin prior to putting any makeup on. It is lightweight, very absorbent and sinks into the skin right away. I have very oily skin and this does wonders for keeping my face matte. You can apply your foundation right after putting this on. You don't need a whole lot- just enough to cover the much needed areas of your face. What else is great is that this product has not broken me out at all. I'm not all that fond of MAC's powder or foundation line as it has broken me out in the past. But this product is great! I highly recommend. It is pricey for a 30ML/1.0oz product- it retails for $30. With an added bonus of SPF 50, what you get for is worth the money in my opinion. I have since purchased a second of this and will continue to do so in the future. Depending on your use, the Face Protect should last you between one and a half to 2 months.

If you've tried this let me know what you think!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review: bareMineral Prime Time Eyelid Primer

As promised, I will review one of my favorite eye primer. This one in particular is from bareMinerals. When this primer first debut a couple of years ago, I wasn't really into it. At the time, I was using Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Since bareMinerals is one of my favorite makeup brands, I decided to give this new product a try. It did not go well at first. First of all, I'm very picky with my eye primers. I have a really oily lid- not all things stick to it properly. A boutique associate applied this to my lid (I was at the store purchasing the Platinum Kit) before applying one of the shadows from the Platinum Kit. I swear it smudged on me- while I was there. I don't know if it's because it's been a long day and it was really warm in the store- but it smudged on me. Needless to say, I was not happy so I did not purchase

A year passed and I decided to give it another go. Though I was still using Urban Decay's Primer Potion, I wanted to give this primer a chance. I tried it for a week straight. Something must have gone right this time around because the shadow stayed on my eyes. It did not smudge, smear or slide off my lid. My eyelid was matte and kept the shadow in place.

I must say this time around I am very impressed! Since then, I've been a loyal fan. Besides the Urban Decay Primer Potion, this is the second primer that I finished till the very bottom. This primer retails for $16.

A quick description of the product: It pen-like shape. Uncap the top and twist from the bottom of the primer. The product will slowly make its way to the slightly angled doe foot applicator.
There are a few ways to apply this primer. You can apply directly from the primer to your lid. You don't need a whole lot of product to have your shadow stay in place. You can apply from the tube using your fingers and apply the primer to your lid. You can also use a brush (which is what I did) and apply the product to your lid with a brush. I used my bareMinerals concealer brush to do this.

To round up, this is a great product. It has excellent staying power and will keep your lids matte and your shadows in place.
I only found one downside to this product. As with most things. not all packaging is great. Yes, it's convenient that it's in a twist up type tube thing. The downside, when you get to the bottom, you can kind of see that there is a slight amount left in there. But, you can twist anymore to get the left over products out. So, that's boo:( I hope Bare Escentuals will improve this packaging in the future.

*Hint: There's a new eye primer out that came with the Rethink Beauty Kit...Different packaging:) Hopefully, this will apply even to the regular primer!

Otherwise, excellent primer from bareMinerals. I will definitely purchase again!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment below! I hope this review was helpful!

See you all in the next review!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nail of the Day: Chanel's Particuliere

I was hunting down Chanel's nail lacquer in Particuliere for months now. It was part of the Summer 2010 collection. Apparently I missed out on it. Now that I finally got my hands on it, I am in love. This is my second Chanel nail polish (the first being Paradoxal from the Fall 2010 collection- which I'll post pics and do a review on). The pictures below doesn't do it justice. The color looks muddy is some shots but this is actually a very pretty color. It's grayish in tone and color with a slight hint of dark lavender- that is my personal observation. I thought it wouldn't be the kind of nail color I would like, but it is.

So, if you hadn't gotten a chance to grab this one, go to your nearest Chanel counter. I kindly asked one of the sales associates at my counter to let me know if this color comes in. Luckily, it was back in stock soon after.

Let me know what you think of this color...Love? Hate? Eh?

Happy Nail Shopping!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Upcoming Reviews

I've been holding off and I don't know reviewing products I've been using for a long while (and loving by the way). So, just to give an update of what's coming up here on my blog, the following are scheduled to be reviewed (in no certain order):

bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer
bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara
MAC Face Protect with SPF 50
Buxom Buxom Stay There shadow
Rethink Beauty Kit
Lush cosmetics Ocean Salt
Lush cosmetics Herbalism cleanser
Lush cosmetics Angels on Bare Skin

This is it for now. I will update probably tonight as I have more but I've been wanting to do a review on the above products.

I may or may not post the following review on my YouTube channel. We'll See.

Expect reviews within the next couple of days- so come back and check out my blog!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lash Fascination.....

I am so obsessed or better yet, in love with faux lashes now. I have always been curious how to use them and what they would look like on me. I had gotten funny looks from girlfriends ever I told that I've never tried faux lashes before. I keep telling myself one soon I'll try it....So, I picked the day or weekend of my birthday to take the plunge and try out a pair of lashes.

I headed to the MAC Pro store and asked one of the makeup artists to apply one on me (such a novice on this kind of stuff) and advice me on a few lashes I wanted to try. So, I went for something that's not too natural and something not overly dramatic. I chose: MAC # 7 lash. It has nice wispy fringe to it without making it seem fake. And it fits my eyes perfectly. I didn't have to trim the edges to fit my eyes. It gave my eyes that natural come hither look...

While I was there, the makeup artist proceeded to kind of give me a half makeover. Usually, when you get your makeup done at any MAC counter or store there's a $50 deposit that you can use towards your purchases. But today, they were being kind and put a bit of sheer tint foundation (shade: Dark), filled in my brows (Lingering eye brows), eyeliner (Penultimate liner in black- to really define my eyes- no need for shadows!) and Gingerly blush. See the look below.

My verdict: Love love the MAC # 7 lash. Will definitely purchase again. I highly recommend this lash if you'd like to try something new or a lash for the first time.

All in all, will purchase not just MAC eye lashes but other brands of lashes as well. I am trying out new lashes (have purchased some more since this review/post) and will be posting a review on them here if not reviewing them on my YouTube channel. Also, I will most likely will be wearing lashes on most of my YouTube vids from now on as they look really nice on camera.

Please comment and share with me your thoughts on faux lashes: what your experience were like and any other brands you've tried and are raving about.

Have a lash fantastic day!

Love this look...

Such pretty peepers:)

A pretty nice, long & natural looking fringe

MAC Lash # 7

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Updates and Upcoming Posts: August and a ramble

Been so busy lately that I haven't posted any of my recorded YouTube vids from my In the Groove and Alice + Olivia purchases. I'll upload those tonight.
Lots of exciting things happening in the next month or so. New MAC collection coming out- I'll definitely be saving money for that. If you don't know, it's the Felines Collection. And this is HUGE!!!! Not kidding you!
I have more vids to make....My designer brand hauls: Chanel, Dior and Lancome.

A review on a couple of items coming up as well...

I also have to film my July favorites (and a chance to rave about my favorite product of the month)

I am so so so obsessed with Chanel right now....I seriously am. To a point maybe that I may need a different kind of retail therapy! LOL

And my other obsession is Urban Decay and it's 2 new palettes that just came out. The Naked palette (a highly coveted item that no beauty website seems to be able to hold any in stock including Urban Decay itself) and the Vegan palette (which I purchased). Have to take photos of the Vegan palette- it is gorgeous!

The other beauty item I look forward to purchasing is the new cream eyeshadow from Bare Escentuals...Finally getting on the cream eyeshadow band wagon! Spotted the goodies at Sephora's website yesterday....I'm curious now to see how it's different or the same to MUFE's cream eyeshadows- of which I purchased 3. Yet another blog/video haul thing I have to do...

Of course, I picked up a few items from the Dare to Wear collection. Just 2 shadows and 2 lipglasses...Another video- maybe I'll combine with another since it's so small a purchase.

My latest love and obsession lately besides Chanel anything are LASHES- fun, faux lashes to be exact! Will post those too!

Oh, a review of Lancome's new foundation,the Teint Idole Fresh Wear...

Finally got my hands on Chanel Nail Lacquer in Particuliere!!! Yay!!!

A nail polish review and blog of that coming up!!!!

And more nails review and pics coming up....

So, in short (he he he) lots to post on this blog so stay tuned....

And check out my YouTube channel as well: (sporting my MAC #7 lash in the June fave vid)

Have a great day everyone!


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