Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lash Fascination.....

I am so obsessed or better yet, in love with faux lashes now. I have always been curious how to use them and what they would look like on me. I had gotten funny looks from girlfriends ever I told that I've never tried faux lashes before. I keep telling myself one soon I'll try it....So, I picked the day or weekend of my birthday to take the plunge and try out a pair of lashes.

I headed to the MAC Pro store and asked one of the makeup artists to apply one on me (such a novice on this kind of stuff) and advice me on a few lashes I wanted to try. So, I went for something that's not too natural and something not overly dramatic. I chose: MAC # 7 lash. It has nice wispy fringe to it without making it seem fake. And it fits my eyes perfectly. I didn't have to trim the edges to fit my eyes. It gave my eyes that natural come hither look...

While I was there, the makeup artist proceeded to kind of give me a half makeover. Usually, when you get your makeup done at any MAC counter or store there's a $50 deposit that you can use towards your purchases. But today, they were being kind and put a bit of sheer tint foundation (shade: Dark), filled in my brows (Lingering eye brows), eyeliner (Penultimate liner in black- to really define my eyes- no need for shadows!) and Gingerly blush. See the look below.

My verdict: Love love the MAC # 7 lash. Will definitely purchase again. I highly recommend this lash if you'd like to try something new or a lash for the first time.

All in all, will purchase not just MAC eye lashes but other brands of lashes as well. I am trying out new lashes (have purchased some more since this review/post) and will be posting a review on them here if not reviewing them on my YouTube channel. Also, I will most likely will be wearing lashes on most of my YouTube vids from now on as they look really nice on camera.

Please comment and share with me your thoughts on faux lashes: what your experience were like and any other brands you've tried and are raving about.

Have a lash fantastic day!

Love this look...

Such pretty peepers:)

A pretty nice, long & natural looking fringe

MAC Lash # 7

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  1. The came out so beautifully! I love fake lashes. Something about having them on makes me feel sexy :) LOL They look fantastic on you. My only problem is getting them on myself. Does the eyeliner go on before? Or after?

    PS. It's me, Eva. I don't know how to leave comments unless I am anonymous LOL



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