Saturday, June 25, 2011

Off to Bare Escentuals Boutique

After the Nordstrom Trend Show, I rushed over to the Bare Escentuals boutique inside Bloomingdale's to get in line as they were having a giveaway. This year, Bare Escentuals is celebrating their 35th Birthday and in honor of that, the first 35 people to line up outside the boutiques Saturday, June 11th through Sunday, June 12th will received a goody bag, no purchase required. Isn't that an awesome deal? And they are great goodies too - which I will show on my next post.

That particular day was a busy day running from the Trendshow all the way to Bloomies:)

Anyway, I just wanted to show what the inside of the boutiques look like because I think it's really pretty being surrounded by all this BE goodness!

Upon walking in the front door, you are given a number and that number is what you give to the sales associate to claim your free gift.

A table filled with Bare Escentuals new kit, Love & Happiness (retails for $35)
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this but I actually waited a week before I purchased it! I know weird!
Here is what the kit consist of...Can't wait to try that new blush and lip balm!
Has anyone tried the new Pretty Amazing lipsticks? From the picture it looks like I have everything except 2 or 3 as they too pale for me- I like color on my lips:)

ooohhhh...and in honor of the 35th Anniversay, Bare Escentuals created a Limited Edition packaging of some of their favorite foundation shades. Below is a glimpse of the silver cap- very fancy looking and will be a nice addition to the vanity...I'm in shade medium tan!
Alright, I'm off to bed! More posts coming tomorrow!
nite nite

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