Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Wishlist - 2011

Hello Beauties!
The Big Day is coming a month from today (July 10)
And naturally, I have a few wants on my wishlist

First: I want to be here, no, I look forward to being here. To see the reefs and hang out by the beach! I can't wait! This is actually a bday present to myself:)

Second, I really want an iPhone...I feel so much like I'm living in the stone age with me being the only one it seems that does not own one. I mean sucks, it feels like I'm not representing Silicon Valley! LOL But Yes, definitely a bday present to self- getting this the weekend of:) Can't wait to add lots of Apps!

9746005 Angle
And since I do plan on hopefully making more YT vids, I'll need a good cam!
Also will be useful on my Aussie trip:)

2049039 Larger Front
Been wanting this Nikon camera for a on the wishlist after the iPhone!

And a point and shoot cam to take photos wherever I am so I can put it up on my blog later...Totally need something lighter and one that won't weigh a ton in my gigantic purse!

More importantly, I really need to be more healthy. I know plenty of peeps make this a New Year's resolution. But I think it should be something that needs to happen and something people should just do everyday. So, my important wish is to be healthy- because if you are, everything will fall into place. Plus, striving to be healthy everyday is the least expensive gift I can give myself and also the most rewarding.

Trying to get out of the boring life I have. I'm getting to that age where I really need to start DOING what it is I really want to do in life. Need to spice things up. Enjoy my family and friends

company. Travel. Definitely travel- a great way to experience life and make life more memorable.

Last but not least, I want to live a more happier life. Laugh more! Certainly laughter keeps wrinkles at bay! LOL So yeah, I want to be a happy of my favorite shows when I was a kid!

So, here's a cheers or toast to myself!

p.s. and since this is a beauty blog, of course I have a birthday beauty wishlist....that's a separate post!

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