Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Wishlist

Every holiday my wishlist seems to grow the closer it gets. I'm a list person when it comes to things that I want to buy. That way I get a chance to figure out if I really want the stuff. This time around my list is modest, I think. Having a list keeps things in perspective.

This year is no exception. I think I'm going to continue making a wishlist and update this list going forward. Obviously, it will have makeup/beauty products wishlist. Notice from the image below that there are no makeup being posted. Not to say that I have no makeup on my list. I have far too many but my wishlist for MAC and other items will be on a separate wishlist post.
Below are some of the things I really want for the holiday and are worth saving for.

The Estee Lauder set I'm actually getting as a gift from my parents (I think). Thanks mom and dad!!!
I can't copy the image but the link to the product is below. It is the Estee Lauder Beautiful
Ultimate Luxuries Set

I don't know about you but I love LUSH products. They are yummy and most contain vegan ingredients. I've tried their shower soaps before and they smell yum. I will make a full review of some of my favorites from lush. For the holiday, I'm lusting after some of the xmas gift items. One of the things I like is the Christmas Candy Box. This particular one is sweet smelling. $37.95
There's one other item I really want from lush. It's another christmas box item. For some reason, I accidentally deleted the pic when I was editing this part. Anyway, I'll attach the link here:
I think the packaging of this one is so cute. It's a polka dot. Inside is the yummu yummy yummy shower gel and Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub. Yummy combo. The price is quite reasonable at $15.95


The top 2 contenders on my most wanted wishlist are the two below. Let me talk about the camera first. Probably wondering why in the world I need a camera. Well, I'm hoping to someday post something on YouTube. In order to do that, I'll need a high def camera. Today, I went to Best Buy and found 2 that I really liked. I liked both of these cameras because the LCD lens on each swivel- that way you can see what you're doing. But, they are pricey. Since this is my first camera I may not want to invest too much just yet. I'm thinking of getting either one of these two for the holiday. Be on the lookout for a YouTube debut:)
SONY - High-Definition Handycam Camcorder
with 2.7" Touch-Panel Color LCD in Black

JVC - Everio Digital Camcorder
With 60GB Hard Drive and 2.7" LCD Monitor in Diamond Silver
*also available in Sapphire Blue

Second most wanted item on my holiday wishlist is a GPS. I have no sense of driving direction. Seriously, I always get lost. Like last Friday when I went to meet friends for drinks, I got lost. Bad, really bad. I need something that will tell me exactly where to go word for word. I need something with a big screen too. These two below are at the top of my list.

Garmin - nuvi 255W GPS

Garmin-nuvi 205 Portable GPS

For now, these are really at the top of my list. What are your wishlist for the holidays?

*Separate post for my makeup will follow shortly- it's quite a long list- LOL*

Share your wishlist in the comments below:) Happy Holiday Shopping!

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