Friday, November 20, 2009

Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume Holiday Set...

OMG!!! This is my ultimate favorite. I don't wear any other perfume other than my beloved Estee Lauder Beautiful. I mean I have boxes and boxes and bottles of the stuff I can fill my bathroom and bedroom with. Actually, that's not a lie- the stuff is all over my bathroom and bedroom.

I first posted about this on my first wishlist blog except for some odd reason the picture didn't show. Here I am trying again and Yay the picture attached. First of all, I cannot rave enough about how much I love this perfume and all the body lotion, shower gels, soap, perfume powder and parfum itself. It smells so darn good that I know I can never have enough of the stuff. I think Estee Lauder should accompany this with a body spray. That would be awesome- then my collection is complete!

This is on my Christmas wishlist. I still think that my parents are giving this as their holiday present. *Crsossing fingers here*

Estee Lauder Beautiful Ultimate Luxuries Set
Let me just share what you will get from this limited edition holiday set:
  • Eau de parfum spray (3.4oz) (This is the largest perfume size they have and this is the first time they are including this in a holiday set).
  • Eau de parfum roller ball pen
  • Perfumed body lotion
  • Bath and shower gelee
  • Perfumed soap
All this in encased in a beautfil gift box which you can use to store makeup goodies or your Beautiful collection (that's what I'm going to do). All this for $99. It might seem steep to some but here's what to consider: the 3.4oz bottle alone is $89. You get the bottle plus 4 other full size items all for $99!!! Not bad! I'm so excited I can't wait!!!

What's on your perfume holiday wishlist??? Any favorites?

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