Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magic, Miirth & Mischief Haul - Part 1

Just recorded or made a tiny Movie of my small haul from the MAC Magic, Mirth & Mischief collection. As some may already know- it's holiday time at MAC! Yay! The holiday collection comes in 2 parts. I will upload a video or maybe just a pic of the second one. The haul on that one is much smaller than this.

So, my thoughts on these 2 part collection is: I'm overwhelmed! I totally skipped out on the experience last year so I'm at awe this year! I've never bought a holiday MAC collection before. Honestly, I must say that this part (video) is the collection I'm most excited about. I love the mineralize line from MAC. I've found a way to work with them (use Fix+) and the outcome of the color payoff is gorgeous! I can't wait to try all these out!

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