Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 Pigments + 1 Lipglass = FUN!

This past weekend I thought I would visit a MAC Store, not a counter but a free standing one. I headed to one just to "browse". Needless to say, "browsing" led to "buying"! Shockers!!! What I really wanted was to re-stock on my Volcanic Thermal Mask which was sold out in every store counter and online. Yes, that's how I justify my being there. Not a loss though because my eye caught the Pigments lurking behind the DSquared collection stand. Not totally obscured from sight but could be easily missed by some. But not me. I made my way around the counter and happily played with all of them. Some names I recognize and others I don't. I picked up 2 pigments: Naked and Heritage Rouge. Naked is a permanent item. Heritage Rouge is from the Make Up Art Cosmetics Collection that came out a couple of months ago. I also bought Steal My Heart lipglass. I don't remember which collection this one came from. I will do a full review of these as soon as I can. Naked pigment is available online at MAC's website: I believe you can find Heritage Rouge there as well. The full line up of the pigments are sold at MAC free standing stores. The counter does not carry the full range. I think Heritage Rouge you can still ask at some counters if it's available. The last time I went, they were not on display anymore.
Below are some pictures! Check back soon for the reviews. Enjoy!

Steal My Heart

Naked Pigment up close

A closer look (sorry for the blur image)

Such a pretty color!

Heritage Rouge Pigment
Small, yet modest haul

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