Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello My New 'Do!

Today was a major hair change kind of day. Nothing too major as I'm saving any big change for my cousin's wedding in August. I needed a new haircut i.e. re-layer the layers I already have. I also decided to get a whole new solid color for my hair. I believe I tweeted or posted a while back when I got highlights last year. Well, it grew out and my hair and layers also grew so I decided that at some point I will just color my hair one solid color and add highlights later.
Last week, I received my catalog from Ulta and there's a special offer from the salon: 
  • Haircut
  • Style
  • Color (one solid color, no highlights) 

All three for $50. I thought, Score! What a great deal. 

I wanted to re-layer my hair yet still keeping it long with short layers around my face. I love getting layers for my hair because the style adds volume to my thin hair. As for hair color, I opted for Medium brown (5N according to Ulta's swatch). I didn't want too dark or too light of a brown. The shade I have is perfect.

And voila! 

I love how my hair feels when I get it done. There's no frizz and it looks so smooth. I'm almost afraid to lie on my head tonight! LOL

Anyway, I love how my hair turned out...


  1. I looks great Lynn, I know exactly how you feel when you have just come from the hair dresser, your hair feels awesome.

    Lisa x

  2. Oh man! I wish I'd seen that offer! I could really use a haircut. :) Your new color and style look great!!



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