Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life Update + NOTD Dior Vernis is Waterlily # 504

So, long time no blogging!

Yes, I have been, sadly, neglecting my blog lately. The busy-ness of life snuck itself in early in March and has stayed. Until now. I miss blogging! I have so much to share, pictures to post and reviews to show products I've been loving the past couple of months. I'm not going to make any promises....but...I hope to blog almost everyday until the end of March (which is next week). Ha! We'll see. Work has pretty much kept me busy the last 3 weeks with working late some nights and just crashing home to sleep (and repeating the same cycle the next day). Weekends are spent sleeping in and time with family and friends. And shopping! Lots of shopping! I don't want to bore you anymore because I have an exciting post below! Here we go....

Lately, I have been wearing the new Dior nail vernis in Waterlily #504. The nail polish is part of Dior's Spring 2012 Garden Party Collection. There are two nail polish from the Garden Party Collection: Forget-Me-Not (purple) and Waterlily.

I chose Waterlily because I wanted to try something outside of my comfort color zone. Normally, I would pick a purple but I wanted to try a green for a change. Plus, it was Saint Patrick's Day that weekend so I went for the green. 

This is my first Dior nail polish. So far I am very impressed. Waterlily is a gorgeous green shade. The texture is smooth, glossy and jelly-like. I love anything glossy and satin on the nail. This nail color is just that. Just beautiful! The brush has a slight taper towards the tip and contours to the shape of your nail. I have a very small and narrow, baby-like finger nails and the brush works perfectly well for that. I used two and half coats on my nails and I applied a top coat for that extra glossy finish. Also, I did not know this until I applied the nail polish: it's scented! The scent is more of a floral rose scent. The scent will stay with you for a while- at least 5 days. I've worn the nail polish for 8 days now so the staying power is great. 

Below are some picture to show you how pretty Waterlily is.

P.S. Excuse the bad nail job...was in a quick hurry to slap this on AND it was late at night!

Dior polishes retail for $23. It can purchased wherever Dior is sold. I bought mine at Nordstrom.

Like I said, I'm very impressed with Dior's polishes that I actually purchased 2 more. I bought one from the Color Block collection (with matching lipstick) and another which is a limited edition collection from last summer (so popular that Dior brought it back). The limited edition one is what I'll be wearing today. Stay tuned for a blog post next week!

What nail colors are you loving at the moment?

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