Monday, December 19, 2011

Face of Australia's Winter Bronze Nail

Today's featured nail polish hails from down under. I was inspired to paint my nails a bronze shade while I was putting up the Christmas tree. There was a ball ornament with shimmery tones to it that made me think of this nail polish. I haven't posted (yet) my beauty haul when I went to Australia- I will do soon!

I got this nail lacquer from Target in Australia and at the time since it was spring (late September), the metallics were coming out for the upcoming summer season. This nail lacquer is from an Australian brand called Face of Australia and the shade Bronze is from their Molten Metallics collection. I forgot how much this retails for - sorry!

I love this bronze shade which has a hint of rosy/peach tone that runs through it. It's a pretty metallic bronze, not the usual dark brown shade that I think of when I hear the color bronze. I used Essie's Fill the Gap as base coat, 2 coats of Bronze nail lacquer and CND Air Dry Top Coat.
Face of Australia in Bronze, with flash

2 coats, natural light

P.S. Please excuse the bad nail job....I was inspired late at night to paint my nails and this is how it turned out.

Has anyone tried Face of Australia nail polishes? Any suggestions?

Till next time,

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