Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beauty Haul: MAC ME OVER

Recently, MAC released its newest collection called MAC ME OVER! This collection is huge! It's so huge that it's divided into 3 parts! I usually get excited whenever MAC comes out with a new collection. Lately, however, I've been feeling a little bit overwhelmed the number of collections released. That and I'm starting to realize that I have so many MAC products that I do need to slow down.

However, I did not slow down that much to not pick up anything from this collection.

The MAC ME OVER was released on August 25th and it is still available on MAC's website as well department stores and MAC stores.

Anyway, when I went to look at the collection, I thought I would be excited enough to buy more than what I planned to get. But I ended up walking away with what I think are the products worth getting from this collection. I didn't get much....just 6 items.
I bought:
  • All of the fluidlines (gorgeous!)
  • 1 eyeshadow
  • 1 lipstick
Here they are! Group shot!
I have to say that the fluidlines are so pretty. All four are very pretty and very pigmented. When I swatch at the counter, the colors are so vivid. I believe that the fluidlines will add a nice pop of color to a neutral eye look.
  • Dark Envy can be described as a dark hunter green shade
  • Dark Diversion is a dark burgundy plum
  • Avenue is a darken black/brown with hints of gold shimmer
  • Midnight Blues is a very pigmented blue teal shade
Carbonized is one eyeshadow color that highly recommend to everyone. You can never have too many neutrals. Carbonized is a veluxe pearl finish which means it will lay down the product well on your lids and is blendable!

Last, Is bought 1 lipstick in the shade Runaway Red. I love the red/coral/pink color family when it comes to lipstick. This lipstick is a satin finish so it will apply well on your lips.
Overall, I think even though this collection is huge, you have a wide range of products to choose from. I decided to skip the eyeshadow quads because honestly, it's not all that great...pigmentation -wise. That was disappointing since I was thinking of getting the purple/pink quad called the Evil Eye. I also decided to skip the shadesticks- pretty as they were, I just don't see anything worth grabbing. I skipped all the rest of eyeshadows and stuck to what I bought. I skipped the nail because I have a lot of polish that I think the shades are dupeable. I did not pick up 1 lipgloss! Nope, not at all! Shockers! I have so many that I am really not going to grab more. I like the lipsticks especially the darker one in the Prince Noir shade...very vampy, very fall. Besides the Prince Noir shade, I was also drawn to Rebel but seeing as it is part of the permanent line, I can pick it up anytime.The collection also came out with 2 eye brushes: the highly talked about #226(LE) and eye liner in #211(permanent). I did not get #226 because I picked it up from a collection that was released a while back.

My top picks are definitely the fluidlines (all are limited edition) and I highly recommend that if it's still available that you grab one or two (or all) shades.

Did anyone purchase anything from this collection? Please do share your haul in the comments below.

Nite all,

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