Monday, March 14, 2011

Finally! Clean Brushes!

There's nothing that sucks more than dirty makeup brushes. The ones I use daily seriously needed some washing. After being lazy for a couple of weeks now, I have finally gotten around to washing my brushes. Thank God! I'm sure my brushes are singing those exact phrase right now (if they could talk....or sing...)

Notice on the far right hand of the below are 3 brushes I have been debating on getting. And they are the SigmaxHD brushes. A lot of reviews were made about these brushes on YouTube and I held out buying for a long while...but, caved! The instructions were to wash them first before use, hence, the washing- the major washing done tonight. I won't make any promises, but I will never neglect washing my brushes again and waiting so long to do it! (Yikes! 2 weeks!) That's a major brush sin...waiting 2 long weeks. Ideally, brushes should be washed every week. With a busy schedule, I was not up to washing....

Anyway, I'm happy that I finally have a clean of brushes ready to use!

Thanks all!


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