Saturday, November 10, 2012

OPI's James Bond Collection + Nail of the Day ft. Casino Royale

Long time, no post. Life has been extremely busy in the last two months-with work moving offices, navigating a new database, work events, and deadlines, deadlines, deadlines...sadly left no time for blogging. Not to mention taking work home just added more things to my never-ending to-do lists...

BUT....nothing like a movie-inspired nail collection to have me come out of hiding;)

Welcome Bond, James Bond Collection from OPI. There are 12 new shades from OPI to coincide with the release of the new James Bond movie Skyfall, but also to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the franchise.

Of the 12, I chose 4 colors:

James Bond Collection: L-R: The Spy Who Loved Me, Casino Royale, Skyfall, and You Only Live Twice

It's no surprise to me that I gravitated towards the reds and berry tones of the collection- it's my favorite shade. The colors fit right in with the season. I will do a separate nail of the day post with eachof the nail polish above.

My first choice is Casino Royale below. Love the movie, Love the polish. It's a beautiful shade of berry with a hint of purple...Depending on lighting, the color could come out looking very berry or more purple. Either way, it's a gorgeous color!

The flash shows the polish true color!

I might go back for GoldenEye and The World is Not Enough....

I didn't get a chance to see the new James Bond movie, Skyfall this past Friday. But I'll hopefully see one of my BFF next weekend. Girls night in the city: Dinner, Martini and Skyfall...perfect night.

For now, I will catch up on re-runs and polish my nails with Skyfall!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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