Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lush Holiday Haul...2011 with new Cam!

The Christmas Holiday is soon descending upon us and what better way to welcome the coming cold winter months than a little trip to Lush?
A few weeks ago, I had this real itch (not literally, of course) to take a trip to Lush and buy myself a face scrub. Seriously, my face was craving a face scrub. So, went to Lush and grab myself a few things. Oddly, the one thing I grabbed is also the one thing I forgot to photograph because it's at its new home in my bathroom. The scrub I bought is the Dark Angels scrub. It's black like soot but cleanses really well. More thorough review coming up later. For now, I wanted to share a few goodies I bought during my visit to Lush.
The Holiday season is usually, in my opinion, the best time to hit up Lush. They have all sorts of goodies that is only available during Christmas. It's also a perfect time to stock up on a few things. 
During my trip to Lush, in addition to the Dark Angels scrub, I also bought Coal Face Cleanser which I have been wanting to try for a while but passed up on. I have a very oily skin and its ingredients of ground up charcoal and licorice is suppose to be good at absorbing excess sebum and also acts as a mild exfoliator for those with oily skin. We shall see how this works once I give it a try. 

The one item that I didn't pick up last year was the Snow Globe Soap.By the time I wanted a piece it was completely sold out. If you are into that lemony, citrusy scent then this soap is for you. It's scent of citrus is a great wake-me-up for those mornings where it's challenging to even attempt to open your eyes! It is limited edition and is only available during the Christmas holiday- so give it a try! It's named a Snow Globe because as a whole, before the soap is cut, it really is shaped like a Snow Globe! 
A new item from Lush's Holiday line up is this sugar body scrub called Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub.It's shape is a cute Igloo...The scrubs are great for exfoliating your skin. A blend of pine, eucalyptus and sandalwood oils give this scrub a forest scent. 
My all time favorite product from Lush is the Mask of Magnaminty. Seriously, I can eat this. It is great to cleanse your skin and doubles as a mask for your face and body. Its clay base is great for cleansing and the peppermint oils give it that refreshing minty scent. LOVE!

The other facial cleanser that I wanted tor try is the holiday limited editiono Buche De Noel. At the store it's wrapped in seaweed and inside it is made up of ground almonds, cranberry, almond oils and it has a hint of brandy in it too. I have used this already which explains all the splat of residue on the lid. So far I really like it. It really softens your skin and it smells good. Still not sure what to do with the seaweed so I just dug into the product itself. 

Last, I asked for a sample of Helping Hands. It's great for really dry wintery hands...I got 2 so once I finish the sample I will buy the small size.

The Roundup:
These are my favorite items from Lush. Although some are holiday items (Snow Globe, Duche de Noel, and Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub), the rest are available year round. A product I skipped is the Its Raining Men shower gel. I still have a giant size waiting for me to use up. I also still have Summer Pudding left so I didn't purchase that either.
Snow Globe - soap prices are based on weight you picked (as is most soaps in Lush). You can request to have a specific size cut or let the SA's know you want x amount and they'll take care of it for you.
Buche De Noel - limited edition and retails for $12.95 US. The black container it comes in is recyclable so if you collect 5 pots you can exchange it for a free Fresh Face Mask.
Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub - limited edition as well. I suggest using this up as soon as you can. Don't leave it inside the bag for too long otherwise the oils will get absorbed and it wouldn't be the same scrub.

Visit your nearest Lush to locate a store near you or purchase online.

What have you picked up from Lush? Any favorite items- either from their holiday collection or their regular items?

Happy Lush Shopping!


P.S. Photos were taken from my new cam! More on it later...will do a quick post!

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