Monday, July 4, 2011

Cool Bling Finds....

It's been a long while since I posted a jewelry post on my blog...I got sidetracked with makeup:) ha ha
Anyway, I wanted to share some bling-worthy finds here. Last week, I was wandering around Nordstrom for some Chanel items (new Fall 2011 makeup) when I spotted some jewelry items on sale across the way from Chanel's counter. I immediately browsed through what I could see and my eyes caught the attention of dangly earrings. I thought it was so pretty that I immediately snatched it up. And then my wandered over to a tall rack that had a bunch of cute looking necklaces when I spotted a blinged-out necklace that matched the color of the earrings.
So, here are the two...Aren't they pretty?
I would describe the necklace and earrings more like a smoky quartz stones. The drop earrings would be perfect for night out black top or cream with the hair pulled back...Hmmm..may have to try that. The necklace is adjustable to you can make it as short as possible or have it hang looser around the neck. I think it would be perfect with a v-neck top. The blingness can be paired with something more simple.

I'm very happy with my purchase at Nordstrom. I normally don't buy their jewelry items and these happened to be on sale so I lucked out:)
A couple of months ago, I purchased some jewelry at Hautelook by a jewelry named Amrita Singh. I bought 2 items: a rather huge statement necklace and ring..both in a coral red color- perfect for summer.
I was super excited to try the ring until I opened the package and this is what I ended up with. I was so shocked!!! The ring literally came apart when I took it out of the plastic. As you can see, the stone is not even glued on the band at all. I must say I was VERY disappointed. It was my first time ordering jewelry from Hautelook and my first time trying the line and this is what I get in the mail. Unfortunately, at the time that I ordered the ring, there were no refunds allowed on any items purchased. I'm sad about that. I can hot glue this together...but for the amount of money spent and the time it took to get to me, I would think the quality would be better.

On the other hand, the necklace is gorgeous. It's a bold statement necklace for sure.

Has this ever happen to anyone? Online order of jewelry and it didn't arrive in the condition you expected? Right now, I'm very weary of ordering any jewelry items on Hautelook...Oh well, lesson learned.

xoxo, Lynn

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