Monday, January 24, 2011

Lush Valentine's Haul

Hello Everyone! Valentine' Day is just around the corner! I was spying through the Lush website and my heart sure did skip a bit after seeing these Valentine's Day goodies. The most romantic day of the year happens to be, duh, Valentine's Day.

Lush has done it again this year releasing 3 new items for Valentine's Day. The only item that was from last year was the Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar. If you all recall, the Magic Mushroom bubble bar smelled like heaven! The bubble bar has the same exact scent as the sadly discounted Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel. It is as cute as a mushroom button.

The 3 new items that came out for this year are: NEW! It's Raining Men shower gel. Hallelujah! indeed! LOL I prayed that someday Lush would make a shower gel version of one their most adored soap, Honey I Washed the Kids! And my prayers came true! The consistency of the shower gel is thick but not too thick and still kind of gooey at the same time. The scent is gorgeous! I have to go easy on this one other I will run out of it fast. The Lush website doesn't indicate that the shower gel is Limited Edition or limited to Valentine's line up as well. If it's not Limited Edition, great! If you all love HIWTK, then you will definitely want to try this shower gel. I am positive that this will fly off the shelfs as fast as its counterpart soap does! I have yet to give this a try but I might crack open the bottle tomorrow morning;)

The second new item from this collection is the Frog Prince Bath Bomb. It's almost too cute to pop in the bath much less break in half! It is shaped just like a frog with lips that are colored in red- to give it that kissable appeal in case anyone wants to give it a kiss before dumping in the tub!

The third new item is the Love Birds Soap. It is white bar that upon holding is something that would melt in your hand- so I suggest storing it in a cool place or refrigerator. This soap is jasmine and vanilla scented- and boy does it smell good! I bought 2 and they are such big pieced that I might just cut in half and store the rest in the fridge.

So, I hope you guys are able to pick in store soon or order online!

JolenzBeauty recommendation: If there's anything I think you should get from this collection it would be the It's Raining Men shower gel. It sweet scented and gooey texture will lure you to want to shower with it daily:)

What are your favorite Lush items?

Below are pics of the Valentine's Day goodies!

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